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Addiction, garlic chicken and writing phobias

I admit it. I'm addicted................ to the internet. There I've said it. I find myself revisiting sites, posting stupid comments, and blogging. Oh, no. How far I've fallen.  

Hello my name is * * * and I'm an addict.

There I've done my penance, now let's get down to the important stuff.

First off love garlic chicken by viola. It's located in the freezer section. Very yummy.

Ate the whole bag, and I don't feel a bit guilty, since each serving is only 240 calories. So yah! Tasty and low in calories.

I've been contemplating writing. There are a number of sites that will take submissions and publish your ebook. I just can't seem to get started. Is it lack of motivation? Maybe. Lack of ideas? Nope. I have many ideas. Lack of talent? Not sure. I'd like to think I could write something meaningful or just plain fun. I will have to ponder this. If I do ever get motivated I will defiantly post.

Maritime Men, Swarm, and Where the Water Flows

 I thought I should give a few blurbs of what I've read recently.

Maritime Men by Janey Chapel

A short but compact novella, barely sixty pages but enough to grow attached to the two main characters Eli and Cooper.
The story follows two men during hell week as they train to become Navy Seals.  Cooper is our protagonist whose inner dialogue we follow as he becomes attached to Eli another trainee. He forms a deep and loyal friendship with the man but hell week is meant to forge bonds within the unit.
It doesn't take much more than a little alcohol and a late night to push that attachment to another level. I found it unusual that neither man seemed concerned or conflicted by the sex, they both seem to view it as just another aspect of their friendship. Which I did find odd considering neither had any gay experiences.
The sex is easy and fun, the scenes descriptive but not lurid.
I grew to like these characters, and I wanted more. After all the book only spans a few weeks of their lives, so I emailed the author.

Thank you for taking time to let me know you enjoyed Maritime Men! I told the commenter above that I hope to write more stories about the SEAL team, but I have no idea when or how long they might be. I admire writers who produce novel-length work, but I may be more of a short-form writer. :)   Janey Chapel

So, we might have more in the works. ;) Yah!

Swarm book four of Sweet Oblivion by Jordan Castillo Price

Right off I'll tell you this was not may favorite of the series. We follow Michael's inner voice in this one, and he doesn't seem to realize just how far from prey he is. After all he leaves headless corpses, staked bodies, and burnt buildings in his wake. So why doesn't he know how very strong he is? What keeps him stuck into thinking of himself as prey?

Wild Bill decides they need to go on a little field trip and Michael goes along. curious to see some part of his past.  Apparently Wild Bill did a mural back when he was still breathing, which could still be there. Unfortunately so are a swarm of vamps, hiding in the basement of a burnt flop house. (see where the title comes from) No fights scenes, no real confrontations, though there is one scene that is not for the squeamish. One word enema. Ew.

I'm still looking forward to the fifth novelette in October called Elixir.

Where the Water Flows by Sean Michael 

Interesting premise. In an alternative, primitive world there are people who are born connected to the four elements. Earth, wind, fire, water.
They must find their warrior the one whose presence eases the pain caused by using the magic.

What I found so interesting is that there were no gender definitions. A male magic user can have a male warrior or a female one. The warrior as well can be male or female.

We are introduced to Quan. A germophobic magic user, who at nearly forty has wandered extensively trying to find his One. He finally meets Jael a nearly eighteen year old hunter who wants nothing more than the pretty village widow.

It's rough going, Jael has never wanted a man, he merely wants to sire many sons and hunt. Quan has found the one person designed to ease his pain, so he's not giving up. Add Quan's obsessive compulsiveness and Jael stubbornness and you have the beginnings of a rocky marriage.

A nice read overall but I could have done with more outside conflict.


For the last few month all of my attention has been on books, now thankfully my attention is waning. Don't get me wrong I love to read, it's one of my favorite things, but I think I have reached my limit for the moment. So, time to regroup and find other pursuits to give my love and obsession to.

A while back I found a site called Crunchyroll which has personal feeds of all kinds of Japanese anime and live action shows. I know not unique. Here's what I like about the site though, it's easy to understand, the streams are relatively fast, and the shows are ones I haven't seen on any other site.

So far the translations are very nice, and if you've ever watched an anime with a bad translation you know how annoying that is.

Overall I recommend it.

The Front Runner by Patricia Nell Warren

I sat down to read this because I had read reviews hailing it as a pivotal gay novel. Truthfully I didn't expect much from the novel in the way of man on man thrill, after all the book was written in the mid seventies.

I'm not going to sum up the book here, if I did I may start crying again and I'm finally calm enough to write this.

This book is wonderful. 
The fact that it was written during the seventies has no bearing on how well written or marvelous it really is.

It is told in first person by Harlen a track coach at a small college, who is gay.
He suddenly finds himself with three track stars from another larger college who were thrown off their team for being gay.
He comes to know and fall in love for the first time with Billy Sive, whom he coaching for the Olympics.

None of the above described the book itself. As someone who has never has any interest in sports much less running. I found myself pulled into the runner mind, how they push their bodies to the limit for that extra second of time off their records. The complete love and devotion to their sport is in every page.

The sexual aspects of the book are not lurid, and are almost completely off screen.

I have a warning though. You will love every character in this book and by the end you will sob.

So read at your own risk, this book was beautiful but heartbreaking.

Writer's Block: Cute Meet
Behind every great couple, there's often a great story. What's the best (nonfiction) how-we-met story you've heard?
The story of the marine and the princess. Yes that's really a true story. A young marine stationed overseas meet a young princess, they carried on a love affair. Until her family found out and he smuggled her out of the country. They married in Vegas. The marriage itself didn't last, but truthfully it was such a romantic story that I really never expected it too.

Here We Are Again
I am currently stuck on the novel-lites of Jordan Castillo Price, Channeling Morpheus and Sweet Oblivion. Channeling Morpheus has five novel-lites and Sweet Oblivion is up to three and unfinished as a series. They are M/M fiction about a vampire and his cute go-thy boy-toy.
NOT. Out of all the vampire fiction I have ever read these are some of the most bleak.

The vampire in question (Wild Bill)  is a former alcoholic artist, who still craves whisky, even though is comes back up on him. He lost his life back in 1987 but still cruises the clubs f***king anything that moves. He's sarcastic, sardonic, sexy, but a real ass. His only good quality appears to be that he doesn't kill people after he snacks on them. That's how he was made, and he's still PO over it in a bitchy sort of way.

Now  boy-toy is traumatized by the lost of his best friend Scary Mary. She told him she had a date with a vampire and the next day her body was found with bite marks all over it. Instead of suicide or writing bad poetry our boy hits the road and two years later tracks her vamp down. No it's not Wild Bill. 

Goth bars, three ways, stakes, roofies and some special K.   Do I have your attention.

Good. Go read them. They are a dark, bloody, romantic, sexy, gory, road trip.

Faith and Fidelity by Tere Michaels

This is M/M fiction for those of you into that sort of thing you know what I'm saying. This is not however erotic fic, though don't get me wrong there is sex, quite a bit. Just none of that almost hardcore porn that seems so rampant in M/M lit. No if I had to describe this I would call it a romance. Truthfully this is almost a typical romance novel, well, besides the people falling in love being men.

The story is about a thirty something police detective in New York named Evan, who loses his wife in a car accident. This devastates him, as he and his wife have practically been together since the womb. For a year he's practically a ghost until one night at a farewell party he crosses paths with a retired detective named Matt. Now Matt has problems too, he lost his whole world when he had to give up being a detective, and now as a forty something womanizer he's drinking himself to death, alone. Recognizing each others loneliness and just wanting someone to hang out with who doesn't know their pasts, they start meeting to chat and share a drink.

This is when things get complicated, Matt starts to become attracted to Evan, which freaks him out considering he's been chasing anything in a skirt. Evan is still mourning, but his friendship with Matt is helping pull him out of his hole. Matt doesn't confide his feelings to Evan but in true romance novel form, he's at Evan's house one night during a snowstorm and hears Evan having a nightmare, of course, he goes to investigate. Now don't get your hopes up, there's no sex, yet. Just a comforting hug, which apparently was enough to get Evan thinking that perhaps his friend was bi. (for those of you who are slow that's bisexual)

Surprisingly this doesn't completely freak Evan out, he realizes just how close he has become to Matt, and decides to give to whole "gay" thing a go. Here comes to sex and I give the author this, this seems like the kind of sex two straight, middle American, men might try when faced with this situation. Which is to say fumbling, awkward, and curious.

The story does not end there, nope the plot goes on. Add in Evan's four children, his fear of anyone finding out about his relationship with Matt and his guilt complex over the death of his wife and things go downhill. I cried, and that is a real accomplishment for an author. I don't cry easily, I have to be emotionally invested.

There is the obligatory fight and breakup, of course, and the realization and make up, all very romance novel.

Also the author is working on two other novels, one based on a secondary character in this book and a third based back on Matt and Evan.


I'm Baaaack
Moving on, I recently read Skin Trade by Laurell K. Hamilton and I have to say overall not bad. If I had a number system I'd give it a four out of five. Anita gets a head in the mail from a serial killer, she decides to rush of the Vegas to confront the vamp in question. Now we get to the interesting parts. Lots of Edward in this book, and that's always good. A lot of Olaf too, which oddly is also good. And to top off all the  testosterone Bernardo's sexy self, just for the eye candy. Anita's finally getting a good hold on the Arduer, and shouts of  hallelujah are heard throughout the fan sites because of that. No Jean-Claude or Asher or any of her regulars, (sad face) but on the upside no Richard or any of his angst.

Of course Anita still needs some snacky bits so in comes Crispin (weretiger, last book) and a newbie Domino. Oddly there were only two sex scenes, both rather lacking on the details, so if you read her work for the erotica you may be disappointed. Though if you enjoy the police aspect of her work and the office politics that go along with Feds against Cops well this is for you.

Sorry for the spastic review but I read it a month ago.

Currently watching American Pop on Youtube, well rewatching. If you've never seen it, WATCH IT, it is a great movie. Don't let the fact that it's animated fool you this is not a children's movie, nor is it japanese anime. This is entirely an American film. The music is amazing, the visuals are like a disney acid trip. Then add in a story filled with struggle and harsh reality, and you have one hell of a good film.

Writer's Block: Childhood Firsts
What was your first word?
Gigi. Which was the name of my aunt's minature poodle.

Writer's Block: Not Even If You Paid Me
What do you think is the worst job?
Sewer system worker in a third world country.


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